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Entertainment Ideas that your Wedding Guests Won’t Forget

Everyone wants their wedding to be special and nowadays, you can find all manner of quirky entertainment to amuse guests.

While all these ideas are entertaining, some are not for the faint of heart, so we’ve mixed up our list to include both the ridiculous and the sublime!


No, it’s not a prank in exceptionally poor taste, prompting guests to flee from an apparently burning reception venue.  It’s actual fire.  Entertainers who throw fire around and breathe it may sound like a recipe for some unfortunate, unforeseen “entertainment”, but this is a growing trend for weddings.

Think of your fiery surprise as a shock to the system of your guests, awakening them from the food coma they’ll be in after dinner.

Dessert buffet.

We all know that the cake isn’t really for eating.  It’s for cutting as mobile devices flash until you can’t see straight!

So, what’s the answer? A buffet laden with creative treats guests of all ages can indulge in with abandon.  Cake-on-a-stick, miniature cupcakes bearing the initials of the happy couple, or even candy and caramel apples create a great conversation piece and make a sweet impression.

Cheeky tattoos.

Not everyone is into permanent body modification, but almost everyone flirts with the idea of tattoos.  Setting up a temporary tattoo station, where guests can choose from wedding-themed tattoos, is a great way to celebrate the occasion in tongue-in-cheek style.

What’s more, a temporary tattoo station offers choice photo ops.  Imagine catching your mom in the act of having your name tattooed onto her chest?  Cheeky fun for the whole family!

Singing waiters.

Throw a couple of these into the mix and before you know it, you’ve got a karaoke party, led by professional singers.  Just as your guests are eyeballing their meal plates with a jaded eye, their waiter can regale them with one of your favorite tunes.

The element of surprise is everything with this entertainment idea, so shhhhhh – don’t tell a soul!

Surprise choreography.

There’s nothing more entertaining for your guests than to see the happy couple bust out of the saccharine first dance ritual and into a choreography.  Whether they’re hot dancers or not, the surprise of newlywed choreography is a staple at weddings everywhere.

And remember, if they can’t dance, it’s even more fun!

Hire a live band.

Hiring a live band that’s polished, professional and boasts an enviable playlist is our favorite of these entertainment ideas your wedding guests won’t forget.

You’ll find them at CTO Artists, your source for exceptional wedding entertainment since 1987.  With over 10,000 events under our belts, we’re the pros who bring you only outstanding, high energy talent to set your wedding reception dance floor on fire (figuratively speaking, of course).

At CTO, you can even see our entertainment bands in action at a twice-monthly talent showcase.  We’re sure that when you see our bands, you’ll know exactly what kind of entertainment your wedding will feature.

Contact us.  Discover world-class wedding entertainment ideas your wedding guests won’t forget with CTO.