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CTO Tribeca®

CTO Tribeca® Will Elevate Your Next Event

CTO Tribeca’s most famous performance occurred when they opened for Bon Jovi, and the most notable venue they played in was Lincoln Financial Center for the Philadelphia Eagles!

Song List of CTO Tribeca® Party Band - CTO Tribeca’s song list includes diverse artists from the 40’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and of course contemporary musicians as well. Genres include pop, rock, jazz, easy listening, country, millennial, swing and more. Their range of vocals and instruments allows them to play every genre and make it their own!


Why Choose CTO Tribeca® for your next event

It’s your special day. You’re celebrating a crucial life event. Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone could take care of all the little details at your reception? That’s precisely what we bring you. While you’re enjoying your guests and toasting a bright wedded future, your bandleader ensures that everyone involved is coordinated and on the same page. They’re always right on the ball, making sure your wedding reception is going exactly as it was planned to.

All that and amazing entertainment too? With CTO, it’s part of the service. Ready for the best? Drop us a line.