DJ Joe

DJ Joe®

Best Professional Wedding DJ in Philadelphia

“Passion drives my product.”

DJ Joe has been stating these words since the start of his entertainment career. Servicing the tri-state for nearly 15 years, DJ Joe has certainly made a name for himself! Weddings, private events, and clubs are all in his wheel-house when it comes to spinning the tracks and making people DANCE!

Being universal in this field has allowed Joe to spin all over the country! To him, DJ'ing has never been a job, it’s been a hobby! In the early 2,000’s, DJ Joe fell in love with the concept of mixing music, which then leads to the purchasing of equipment, which then leads to practicing all hours of the day and night in his parent's basement!

DJ Joe is fantastic when it comes to reading energy as well as feeling “how much is in the crowd's tank” while spinning! At your celebration, he will never give too much, or give too little, but will leave his passion on the table and make sure your guest's feet hurt the next day!“