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CTO Fifth Avenue®

CTO 5th Avenue® Is A Powerful Mix of Philly’s Best Musicians And Vocalists

CTO Fifth Avenue® is a Philadelphia dance band with a huge presence. Energizing audiences with their large sound, and anywhere from seven to ten people on stage. Entertaining crowds at weddings and parties, packing dance floors, guests can't help but be on their feet when CTO Fifth Avenue® is on stage. CTO 5th Avenue® is a powerful mix of Philly's best musicians and vocalists. This Philadelphia dance band will have you and your guests dancing the night away, literally. Eclectic and energizing, CTO Fifth Avenue® is definitely the best dance band for your wedding, party, or corporate event.

CTO Fifth Avenue® has earned a reputation as a band that brings it all and then leaves it on the stage. When you want an amazing show, choose CTO Fifth Avenue.

fifth avenue performing

Choose CTO 5th Avenue® for your next event

It’s your special day. You’re celebrating a crucial life event. Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone could take care of all the little details at your reception? That’s precisely what we bring you. While you’re enjoying your guests and toasting a bright wedded future, your bandleader ensures that everyone involved is coordinated and on the same page. They’re always right on the ball, making sure your wedding reception is going exactly as it was planned to.

All that and amazing entertainment too? With CTO, it’s part of the service. Ready for the best? Drop us a line.