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Frequently Asked questions

How much do you charge?

More information on pricing is available here.

What is your deposit?


When is the balance due?

Two weeks prior to your event date.

Are there any hidden or extra fees?

No. Each band's price is the only cost you incur.

Does your price include cocktail hour?

Generally, our price includes a soloist or duo for cocktails.

Do you have insurance?

$2,000,000. This is what most venues require.

How much does it cost to have the band play past four hours?

Any overtime would be prorated based on the band's four hour price.

How much to have cocktail hour for 1 ½ hours?

Generally, if this is because the site offers an additional ½ package, we do not charge an additional fee.

Will you "pencil us in" for our wedding date?

We have too many inquiries to put a date on hold. We have a first come, first serve policy.

What services do you offer?

CTO Artists produces amazing bands, DJs, & Ensembles, including string quartets. Our productions include lighting for our artists. We specialize in and have mastered the art of what we do, and limit our services to the above.

How many people in each band?

Generally, our bands consist of 8-10 musicians.

Can I reduce the number of musicians?

On some occasions, yes, but it depends on several factors, which we can discuss.

Can I mix the singers from one band with another?

Unfortunately, we don't offer this option.

What is the process of hiring a Band/DJ/Strings?

Watch our videos, speak with us, choose your act, then sign a contract with us.

Does CTO bring a sound system?

Yes. In most cases, all of our acts are self-contained. Exceptions are events over 300 people and travel dates.

Who does the introductions?

Every band has a designated MC who will pronounce every name perfectly for you.

Do you provide cocktail music?

Yes. Anywhere from strings to a full jazz quartet.

Do you provide ceremony music?

Yes. We offer a variety of options for your ceremony.

Can I plan my event with you?

We notify you to fill out the event form on our site two months prior to your event. Your bandleader would then contact you to plan your event.

Will we have a problem with volume?

We have a sound tech with each band and the most up-to-date sound equipment to ensure we are at the perfect volume at all times.

Will you learn some songs for us?

Generally, we know most current songs and all popular hits from all eras. However, we will learn up to two specific songs just for you!

Number of musicians?

That depends on the band. Most bands are between 6-11 people.

How many breaks do you take?

Breaks? Huh? We do continuous music! That means there is always someone on stage playing appropriately for the right mood. If you're eating, then you'll have piano music or an acoustic guitar. As soon as your guests are finished, the party gets underway. Our goal is to always keep you and your guests dancing and engaged when they are not eating.

How far do you travel?

We've been as far away from the USA as Argentina!

Do I have to feed the band?

As per our agreement, we ask for a minimum of a deli tray with soft drinks and coffee. We ask that this is available prior to the performance so that we can have our focus during the event on you.

Does the band drink alcohol?

Absolutely NOT! We are there as a service provider to you.

How long does the band play?

Our performance prices are based on a full band performing over a four hour period.

Do you have lights?

Each band has accent lighting.

Do you offer room lighting or draping?

This is a sticky question for many in our industry. We offer you suggested professionals who do lighting and draping. We are an entertainment company, and we focus on our core competency, which is providing talent. We think it's best to utilize professionals who stick to their core competency and caution you against one-stop shops.

How much space do you need?

A 20x8 space is ideal. More is better, but a little less is doable.

How much power do you need?

Generally speaking, two 20-amp dedicated outlets. We always recommend a generator for tented events.

  1. Authority and Default:
    By signing on behalf of an organization or entity as “Purchaser”, the signatory confirms their authority to do so. In case of default, “World Entertainment Inc.” (the “Producer”) is entitled to recover collection costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, and interest at an annual rate of 6%.

  2. Payments:
    Payments are to be made through our online portal here, or by checks payable to World Entertainment Inc.

  3. Balance and Convenience Fee:
    The balance is due 21 days prior to the service date. A 5% convenience fee is applied to credit card payments.

  4. Cancellation Policy:
    Initial deposits and pre-event payments are nonrefundable. If cancellation occurs within 180 days of the event, the remaining balance is due.

  5. Force Majeure:
    Should Producer be unable to fulfill their obligations due to uncontrollable events (“FORCE MAJEURE EVENT”), the Purchaser may reschedule the event within 18 months at no additional cost.

  6. Performance:
    Producer reserves the right to determine the production and may substitute performers to maintain World Entertainment’s standards of excellence and professionalism. Extensions beyond the four and a half hour reception time will be billed at $600/hour or $300/half hour for DJ overtime.

  7. Electricity:
    The Purchaser is responsible for providing adequate electricity. Producer does not cover utility costs.

  8. Insurance:
    Producer maintains necessary commercial general liability insurance. Purchaser may be responsible for additional insurance costs if venue insurance is required.

  9. Meals and Beverages:
    Sandwiches and soft beverages are to be arranged for performers and their crews on the service date by the purchaser.

  10. Non-Circumvention:
    For three years post-event, the Purchaser agrees not to hire any of Producer’s subcontractors, employees, or entertainers unless arranged through Producer.

  11. Riders:
    Any Rider attached to this agreement is incorporated and becomes part of the agreement.

  12. Sound System and Talent Arrival:
    The sound system and talent will arrive 3 hours and 90 minutes before the event, respectively. Early arrivals will incur a fee of $100 per person per hour.

  13. Parking:
    Purchaser is responsible for all parking expenses for musicians and crew at the venue.

  14. Requested Performances:
    Entertainers can learn up to two special songs if requested at least two months before the event.

  15. Union Dues:
    Any union dues at the venue are the responsibility of the Purchaser.

  16. Jurisdiction and Binding Arbitration:
    This Agreement is governed by the laws of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Disputes will be resolved through binding arbitration in Montgomery County, with costs borne by the non-prevailing party. Jury trials are waived.

  17. Changes to Agreement:
    Modifications, addendums, or cancellations must be communicated by the Purchaser via email to Such changes require acceptance by Producer, and the Purchaser is not authorized to make unilateral changes. Requests for changes must also be submitted via certified letter.