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Exclusive, Live Wedding Bands that Wow Crowds

Landmarks.  That’s what weddings are.  They mark the passage of our lives and bind two families together with the promise of renewal, fortified by love.

At CTO Artists, we love weddings.  We’ve been creating exceptional entertainment for weddings for 30 years, but here’s something you may not know – we were once the band.

From those beginnings, we built the northeastern USA’s source for premium wedding entertainment, because we know what it takes to raise the roof on a reception hall.

Bringing you the best.

CTO has perfected the art of wedding entertainment.  We handpick our artists and then we train them to be the ideal wedding performers.  Our bands are superior musicians and performers who marry musical talent with dynamic stagecraft to set the dance floor on fire.

We ensure they come to your wedding ready to entertain.  From choreography to managing stage presence and audience interaction, all our performing artists are in command of their craft, so you can expect an evening of entertainment you’ll never forget.

We also train our bands in the fine points of event management, because our bandleaders are your musical concierges.  They’ll work with you in the run-up to your wedding, but they’ll also co-ordinate vendors to ensure the night’s itinerary stays on track.

We specialize in exclusive, live wedding bands that wow crowds with incandescent presence and professionalism like you’ve never encountered in a wedding band.

Select your dream band.

A CTO band isn’t a pickup band.  It’s not a garage band that only plays weekend gigs.  Our bands are made up of career musicians and singers who do this for a living.  They’re seasoned, polished performers with massive playlists and years of experience.

From the moment you make your grand entrance, your CTO band will light up the venue with all the music you love to hear.  You will have worked with your bandleader to make sure the music you love most is played when you want it to be.

For the first dance, to the cake cutting, the garter toss and every other special reception moment, your band maintains the evening’s momentum then turns up the heat when it’s time to dance.

Rising stars.

CTO doesn’t rest on its laurels.  We’ve always got exciting new wedding bands up our sleeves.  That’s why our Rising Stars are artists you need to know about.  You can even hear them play at a private showcase.

And here’s the best part – you get to help us choose the next band on our all-star roster when you come to hear them play.  These are bands in development, ready to take their place in the CTO galaxy of star performers.

Experience our current line up at our twice-monthly live showcase, to see that we’re not joking when we say these are the best wedding bands around.

Wow your guests with CTO.

Your guests will be bowled over when you strike up a CTO Artists band at your wedding reception.  Contact us to find out how to add the wow factor to your big day.