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Wedding Music Bands – Pick from the Hottest Bands

A hot band brings the dance floor to life.  It reaches out to the audience and pulls it out of its seats, drawing it toward the beat.  That’s what a wedding demands.

Wedding bands come to entertain you and your guests.  It’s a celebration and that means plenty of dancing.  The ancient tradition of celebrating a marital union with music and dance lives on in our time, but it takes a polished, professional group of musicians to make it happen.

Some people these days are a little shy about dancing.  They may feel they don’t have “the moves”.  But when the music’s so good you can’t stay in your seat, no matter how awkward you feel, then what’s in the house is hot.

CTO Artists.

CTO Artists has been in the business of booking premium wedding bands for 30 years.  Once upon a time, we were the hot band that rocked wedding reception dance floors.  Now, we’re the northeastern USA’s choice for exceptional live entertainment.

From Pennsylvania to Florida, from California to the Caribbean, we’ve rocked over 10,000 memorable events with the hottest bands around.

We nurture our talent, with an eye to bringing every wedding we book the very best.  We work with our artists to ensure that they’re at the peak of their skills.  At CTO, we send you the best wedding band you’ve ever seen, because we believe in exceeding your expectations.

From start to finish.

With CTO Artists, you’re assured of top flight service from start to finish.  From the moment you contact us, we work with you to find out how we can realize your wedding reception dreams.

We don’t just plan a playlist.  We go well beyond that, helping you streamline your event, by liaising with other vendors to ensure that your wedding is perfect.

Our bandleaders are there for you.  They’re wedding concierges who ensure everyone’s on the same page when the moment comes for the arrival of the bride and groom, the bouquet toss and the cake cutting.

That same bandleader blows the roof of your wedding reception with the music you want to hear, including hits old and new that bring your guests to their feet and get them grooving.

Exceptional talent.

At CTO Artists, we’re all about making your wedding an event to remember.  Our talented bands are professionals who make music as a vocation.  These aren’t pickup bands.  These are working musicians and performers who entertain as a way of life and have been doing so for many years.

Our bands work with the best, from Pharrell Williams, to Kanye West.  Their talent is undeniable.  Their stage presence is on fire and their professionalism is unparalleled.

CTO is home to the hottest bands you could ever hope to find, creating a wedding reception your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Get the hottest, with CTO.

CTO Artists backs up our swagger with our twice monthly live showcases.  You’ll see and hear what we’re talking about.  Contact us for more info.