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Hire Live Bands For New Year’s Eve

Where are you going to be when you count down the old year and ring in the new one?  Who will you plant an unexpected kiss on?  Who will you be dancing with and what kind of music will you be dancing to?

If you’re thinking about New Year’s Eve, you should be thinking about CTO Artists.  We’re the place to come to hire live bands for New Year’s Eve.  With 30 years of live entertainment expertise, we’re professionals who book professionals. Our roster of bands is made up entirely of seasoned professional musicians who bring you exceptionally polished presentation and musical excellence.

Unforgettable sounds.

CTO hires only the best.  All our bands work together throughout the year.  They’re not pick up bands with a day job.  Some of these bands have worked together for decades, so you know that when they take the stage, they’ll be taking your New Year’s Eve party where it needs to go.

And with the unforgettable sounds a CTO Artists band is famous for, comes a stage alive with energy.  These are performers with abundant chops.  Choreographed and equipped with up-to-the-minute playlists, there won’t be a dull moment on the dance floor from the first song to the last.

A curated party.

When you hire live bands for New Year’s Eve with the pros at CTO, you’re getting more than entertainment.  You’re getting a curated party.

Our bandleaders don’t miss a trick.  They’ll work with you to ensure that what they do is exactly what you need, as the night progresses.  Our bandleaders liaise with other vendors at your New Year’s Eve party to keep the itinerary on track.  Whatever you have planned, they’ll have eyes on.

Speeches, announcements, food service and other aspects of your party are all curated to the minute, with CTO.

Ring it in!

When you ring in the New Year with a CTO band, expect to see the dance floor bumping all night long.  There’s never a dull moment with one of our bands.

With playlists which are nothing short of encyclopedic, CTO bands offer you a vast selection of musical styles and genres.  Whether it’s Sinatra you’re fiending for, or Kanye, they’ll come prepared to play the music you love most.

We work with you to ensure that the band you hire makes your party the event of the season, with thrilling entertainment that keeps your guests grooving.

Your job.

So, New Year’s Eve party person – what’s your role in all this?

Show up.  Have a blast.

That’s it.  CTO takes care of absolutely everything else.  That’s how we roll, at CTO.  We go to extremes, so you’re liberated to the evening’s festivities, as we manage the details.

CTO perfection.

When you hire live bands for your New Year’s Eve party with CTO Artists, you’re getting the cherry on top.  There’s no party without the right music.  We bring you personalized event entertainment and on-site support to take your party right off the hook.

Contact us to kick off your New Year right.