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Looking for a top-notch Philadelphia wedding DJ?

DJs are a great alternative to live bands.  Accessible to almost all budgets, they keep the party pumping by knowing how to keep the dance floor full.  A good DJ knows which tune to play next to either intensify the vibe, or soften it a little.

Being a DJ is about knowing what people want and sensing the mood on the dance floor.  There’s a lot more to it than having a first-class collection of music.  In the same way as a live band, the DJ connects with your guests on an almost supernatural level, offering a little of themselves in the process.

Professional with a capital “P”.

A CTO DJ rules the mic with unstoppable musical knowledge and professionalism.  Spinning the tunes you and your guests want to hear, our DJs bring the CTO edge to your festivities and keep the dance floor bumping.

When you’re looking for a Philadelphia wedding DJ, you’re looking for CTO Artists’ turntable stars.  These are seasoned professionals who set you up for the night of your life.

They go beyond the music.  They ensure that every detail of your event is expertly coordinated by collaborating with all the other service providers you’ve engaged to make your night one to remember.

Getting to know you.

CTO Artists is dedicated to creating exceptional wedding celebrations.  That’s why our DJs take the time to get to know you.  They find out what makes you want to jump up and dance.  Your wedding song is just the beginning, when one of our DJs puts a finger on the pulse of the happy couple.

Whatever your wedding reception vision is, a CTO DJ brings you outstanding musical support that ensures a night of unforgettable enjoyment.  Even if the two of you are diametrically opposed (musically), our DJs seek the right balance to keep the party going, all night long.

The ninjas of “vibe”.

Philadelphia wedding DJs from CTO Artists are the ninjas of “vibe”.  Their group dynamics extra-sensory perception picks up on what’s going on in the room and then, they respond with just the right mix to give your guests what they want.

They feel the vibe in the room, so whether your guests are ramping up hard, or leveling off for a slow jam, a CTO DJ knows what to spin next.

CTO DJs understand that an empty dance floor is the kiss of death at a wedding.  They keep that from happening by keeping their spider senses engaged, reading the room’s mood.  That’s what the best DJs do and that’s what our DJs do best.

The CTO edge.

From the Northeastern USA to Florida, California and beyond, CTO brings your wedding celebration an edge with DJs who are professional and tuned in to your wedding reception vision.

Having executed over 10,000 successful events in our nearly 30 years in the business, we bring your event exceptional talent and entertainment, always aiming to exceed your expectations.

Contact us for an outstanding Philadelphia wedding DJ and a night to remember.