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What to Expect When Hiring Your Wedding Entertainment In Philadelphia

Everyone approaches a wedding as a joyous event.  But on the way to the altar, there are so many things to manage.  There are fires to put out with relatives, seating plans (to prevent fires over dinner), and of course, there’s the entertainment.

A lot of folks have no idea what to expect when organizing this crucial aspect of their special day.  That’s why we’ve put together this brief outline concerning what to expect when hiring your wedding band in Philadelphia.

CTO makes it foolproof.

With CTO, there’s no margin of error.  When you come to us, you know you’re getting the best wedding entertainment in Philadelphia.

We add to the sterling quality of our client service and professional entertainers, 30 years of experience in providing wedding entertainment to the local area.  We know what people want and we know how to provide it.

No guesswork, with CTO.

Far too many people hire their wedding entertainment sight unseen.  But with CTO, we remove the guesswork.  We offer a live showcase for those of you hiring wedding bands, so you can see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears the exceptional talent we’re renowned for.

These twice-monthly showcases invite you to experience the CTO Artists talent edge, by experiencing our Philadelphia wedding bands up close, personal and in living color.

Set a date and start planning.

Once you’ve set a date, it’s time to request information from CTO.  We like to know your date, because we want to work with you closely to ensure that your wedding day is seamless and stress-free.

Fill out our online form and we’ll be talking to you within 24 hours.  We like to interact with you directly, because we think it’s much easier to get to know you and your needs that way.  And getting to know you is always a pleasure for us.

Event planning.

Once you’ve selected your entertainment and you’re two months out from the big day, it’s time to send us the details, so our bandleader or DJ can be on top of what’s going to happen at the reception.

Our bandleaders are the best friends you’ll ever have.  They speak directly to other vendors to ensure that everyone knows what’s coming next and that’s there no delay or confusion.  They act as both the leader of the band (or your personal spin doctor) and your reception concierge.

With this information, you’ll enjoy the wedding celebration of your dreams, with outstanding talent and co-ordination that makes your wedding day fun for you and your guests, stress-free.

The CTO edge.

Since 1987, CTO Artists has been creating great wedding experiences for happy couples across the Northeastern USA, in California, Florida and beyond.  We’re highly-respected professionals who bring weddings all over the Americas a touch of the exceptional, with professional talent that raises the roof on your reception.

This is what to expect when hiring your wedding band in Philadelphia.  Got a date?  Get in touch! 

Contact us to discover the CTO edge.